The new eco standard for food packaging

Salads, pasta, prepared meals, but also snacks, fish and shellfish, fruit and vegetables, meat, cheese, ... With the P.ackalimbox you pack all fresh food in a sustainable, ecologically responsible way. The innovative packaging concept combines cardboard with a minimum of plastic.

What is P.ackalimbox?

  • Plastic reduction of at least 50 %
  • Quick separation of the plastic film, ideal for selective sorting
  • Visibility of your brand on the entire tray
  • Perfectly suited to modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)


By applying a very thin plastic film to the cardboard, fresh food can becan be stored in the best possible way. The innovative process helps prevent food waste and is the perfect alternative to plastic packaging. 

Innovative concept

The bi-material concept combines rigid cardboard from sustainably managed forests with a plastic film for optimal conservation and protection.

85% less plastic

Compared to a traditional tray, P.ackalimbox allows you to save up to 85% plastic. Now that’s eco-smart packaging!

good separability

The cardboard (the largest part of the packaging) can easily be separated from the plastic after use. It helps the recycling of the packaging


The tray and plastic top film are fully printable, and next to our +500 standard references we can develop a packaging to your needs.

Suitable for all food products

P.ackalimbox trays are an ecological solution to pack all fresh food. Depending on the products, we offer different film options for an optimal conservation, a long shelf life and less food waste.

How can we help you?

With P.ackalimbox we help you to differentiate your food trays and create a new and unique range that strengthens your brand image while reducing your environmental impact. This is how we meet and exceed your expectations.

  • Choose from a +500 references in single or double trays.
  • All standard trays are adapted to your production lines.
  • All our sizes can be produced in depths between 25 and 80mm.
  • Customized trays available on demand.
  • Packaging in compliance with all food standards (QESH, BRC,…).

The full package in packaging

We assist our customers with the development of the whole packaging process. From conception and design, to printing, die-cutting, folding and adhesion. The potential combinations for printing, forms and formats are effectively endless. We look forward to getting around the table with you to map out how your ideal packaging solution must look.

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