About us

Experts in durable cardboard packaging

We know everything there is to know about packaging. Pieter Van de Velde produced his first cardboard packaging for local lingerie and shoe workshops in Schellebelle back in 1939. A packaging expert in ecological cardboard solutions for numerous industries, we can draw on more than 83 years’ experience in the business. From purely functional to the most luxurious solutions.

We can also supply packaging machines tailored to your needs. All knowhow concentrated in one place. We assume full responsibility from concept and design to production and we supply the best suited machines so that customers can run their own production line.

International ambitions

Passion, craft and an entrepreneurial spirit brought us to our present position as an established, trusted name in packaging. We are an international group active in 17 European territories, with a new-build head office in Wetteren, built in 2008 after a fire. And we are ambitious. Our international network continues to expand, powered by our ambition to be the number one name in cardboard packaging solutions.

Everything we do is done with respect for our family values and true to the vision of Pieter Van de Velde. Son-in-law José Roman, who took over the company with his wife Jacqueline, left it in the capable hands of his daughter Dominique and her husband Philip. Today, with Alexander and Melanie, the fourth generation has taken an active role in the company, ensuring continuity and further leading our business into a bright future.

People first

Our informal culture is centred on people, both in house and beyond. Reliability, flexibility, expertise and sustainability are the key values that drive our mission to create and supply high-quality packaging products and services. Our recyclable cardboard packagings, for example, are a fitting response to the issues that plague plastic.

We work closely with customers to produce product packaging that looks fantastic and fits seamlessly into the logistical process. Our quest for new technologies to improve the efficiency, sustainability and attractiveness of our packaging processes is never-ending. 

Our strengths, your gain

From idea to design, printing and finishing: we take on the whole packaging process from A to Z. What are you aiming for? Let us know. We can work with any print, form or size. That full-service philosophy is our great strength and your gain!

Full service

We can take as much responsibility for your project as you want. We design and produce personalized packaging solutions and can even supply the machines you need to automate your packaging line.


Sustainability is in our DNA. It’s expressed in a constant quest for packaging that is easier to recycle and greener production technologies. Because cardboard is the future of packaging.

Reliable and transparent

We are a reliable partner with more than 80 years’ experience and a high international profile, coupled with a strong devotion to family values. We like personal, friendly, open communication.


Packaging experts since 1939, we are committed to developing innovative high-quality solutions for a whole host of industries. A new challenge? We are delighted to take it on.



Pieter Van de Velde founds ‘Cartonnage P. Van de Velde’ in Schellebelle (now Wetteren), where the head office is still located today. The focus is on cardboard boxes for local shoe and lingerie makers. 


Pieter’s son-in-law José Roman joins the company, subsequently taking it over with his wife Jacqueline. In 1987 granddaughter Dominique joins their company and in 1992 her husband Philip comes onboard too. They remain active in the company to this day.


The Wetteren site is ravaged by fire. A new head office is built with plenty of nods and references to the storied history of Van de Velde.


They remain active in the company to this day, together with their children. The Van de Velde Packaging Group now has 19 offices across Europe. The ambition to be the number one name in cardboard packaging solutions continues to be a sharp focus.

The full package in packaging

We assist our customers with the development of the whole packaging process. From conception and design, to printing, die-cutting, folding and adhesion. The potential combinations for printing, forms and formats are effectively endless. We look forward to getting around the table with you to map out how your ideal packaging solution must look.

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