Corrugated packaging

Standard boxes – FEFCO

We produce cardboard boxes of various sizes and qualities according to FEFCO standard designs - do you need classic flap boxes, e-shop boxes, shaped die-cut boxes, boxes with lids, self-locking bottom boxes, or cardboard grids? We can print corrugated cardboard packaging according to your requirements.

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Combined packaging

Contact us for the production of combination packaging, which we produce universally and customized. We specialize in the production of overseas and pallet boxes. Combination boxes consist of pallets, cardboard and foam. They are used for extreme loads and are very durable.

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Special customer packaging

Looking for the perfect packaging for your product? Contact us and our development department will create customized packaging for you. There is the perfect packaging for everything!

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Not expensive, certainly sustainable

Corrugated packaging is not expensive and has a very high sustainability rating. It’s made from natural raw materials (recycled paper and cardboard), which means it’s highly recyclable. Corrugated board is light but strong, from E to AAA flute, ensuring it gives products optimal protection during storage and transport. It’s a flexible solution that enables you to use your pallet, container and warehouse storage space optimally. It is sure to save you logistical costs.

We can personalize your packaging with our high quality flexo printing solutions.

Hygienic and safe

Did you know that corrugated board is a commonly used hygienic and safe packaging solution for food products like fruit, vegetables, meat and fish? It’s sturdy and highly resistant to moisture, which keeps these foodstuffs fresher for longer. Scientific research shows that fruit and vegetables in corrugated board packaging remain fresh for up to three days longer. Bacteria thrive on plastic, but they are no fan of corrugated cardboard. The result is a longer shelf-life and so less waste.

Limited only by your imagination

Corrugated board is so versatile when personalized packaging is your goal. You have a whole host of possibilities with regard to size, format, colour and printing.

Let us inspire you

We present a few examples of our packaging solutions below. Looking for more inspiration? Have a specific question? Contact us now. We look forward to helping you.

The full package in packaging

We assist our customers with the development of the whole packaging process. From conception and design, to printing, die-cutting, folding and adhesion. The potential combinations for printing, forms and formats are effectively endless. We look forward to getting around the table with you to map out how your ideal packaging solution must look.

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