Non-food packaging

Packaging tailored to your product

Looking for cardboard packaging to market or transport your products? DIY articles, flowers and plants, household or care products: anything goes. Functional or commercial packaging, whatever you need. We also provide 100% recyclable solutions that can be fully personalized.

General non-food

We develop cardboard packaging solutions tailored to your product and your requirements. We also take charge of the whole packaging process: from virtual concept to production.

Pet care

Pets deserve high-quality food that is packed with flavour, aroma and all the vitamins they need. The right packaging will ensure they get the complete package.

Household and care products

Does your household or care product inspire confidence and trust? Our packaging reinforces those positive values you’ve built for your brand. Because it’s what you demand and deserve.


Lingerie, stockings, shoes, sweaters… Clothing must look its absolute best straight out the (gift) packaging. That’s why we package your apparel in a robust but appealing way.


Strength is a fundamental requirement of furniture packaging. We provide sturdy, durable packaging to protect your product all the way to its new home.

Consumer electronics

Packaging for electrical appliances must provide proper protection during transport. It must also be recognizable and be printed with all the information consumers need.

Flowers and plants

Flowers – cut or uncut – and plants require robust waterproof packaging. We can also add a bit of colour, if you wish.


E-commerce is more popular than ever. But to get the right orders to the right consumers intact you need the right packaging too. We bring our knowhow to the table to help identify the right solution for your online store.

Industrial components

Bolts and screws, spare parts, DIY articles: our cardboard packaging for industrial components are designed with the need for robustness in mind.

Why our non-food packaging is the perfect solution for you

First and foremost, the job of packaging is to keep the contents together and to protect them. It’s essential to address functional aspects (storage, transport, statutory information, convenience) in the design of your packaging. But the packaging also needs to be visually attractive and (instantly) recognizable. We ensure all those boxes are ticked for you.

Perfect protection

Flexible, upscalable production capacity

100% recyclable

Fully personalizable

Let us inspire you

Interested to know what we can do for you? To inspire you, we’re delighted to present the successful packaging solutions we have provided to some of our customers. Caught your attention? Or do you need more information? Let’s meet!

The full package in packaging

We assist our customers with the development of the whole packaging process. From conception and design, to printing, die-cutting, folding and adhesion. The potential combinations for printing, forms and formats are effectively endless. We look forward to getting around the table with you to map out how your ideal packaging solution must look.

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