Looking for a sustainable alternative

Zespri, the global leader in kiwifruit, contacted us with a simple request: make their packaging greener. And we’re not talking about the colour. Their existing kiwi packaging was a cardboard tray with a plastic covering. Plastic shrink wrap is ideal packaging for kiwis, but its environmental performance is a lot less ideal. So it simply did not meet Zespri’s sustainable criteria.

Plastic-free packaging

Plastic-free packaging? We can supply whatever you need. In our intense partnership with Zespri we developed a mono-material cardboard packaging. It’s 100% biodegradable. Adding to the green credentials of the fruit.

More efficient packaging line

Once the new Zespri packaging was ready, we started work on the packaging line. Formerly, employees had to fold all the boxes by hand. Now a machine takes care of the folding and sealing steps. Fully automated. That saves a huge amount of time. And, because everything is done on site, transport costs are also minimized. Lastly, automation also entails the promise of easy upscaling in the future.

Your biggest supporter

The success of this project required a tight partnership between Van De Velde Packaging and Zespri. Philip Marechal, head of supply chain Europe and North America, sums up our philosophy perfectly: “Our feeling is that we want to build something going forward.”

As a packaging specialist, we have a duty to support our customers with advice and expertise, so they can make the right decisions. What are the challenges? Where are improvements possible? How can we optimize processes?

We are proud of the result. The new kiwi packaging and packaging line support the folks at Zespri in their ambition to strengthen their position as market leader – while also respecting the needs of the planet.

Comprehensive concept.

The full package in packaging

We assist our customers with the development of the whole packaging process. From conception and design, to printing, die-cutting, folding and adhesion. The potential combinations for printing, forms and formats are effectively endless. We look forward to getting around the table with you to map out how your ideal packaging solution must look.

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