Facts about fruit and veg packaging

Everything you need to know about fruit and vegetable packaging

Everything you need to know about fruit and vegetable packaging

Good packaging gives your product protection. From start to finish. The content must remain as fresh as possible. Good packaging ensures this. In this article you will discover everything you need to know about fruit and vegetable packaging, the benefits, trends and most important questions to ask.


When it comes to fruit and vegetables, it's all about delivering the best quality. To bring the products to the store protected, good packaging is necessary. Good packaging ensures the best possible shelf life and protection of the fruit. By using strong packaging, damage and loss can be prevented.

Packaging innovations

Vegetable meal packages are very popular at the moment. The content can vary from eggplant, pepper, corn, paprika, potato and zucchini. In addition to the vegetable meal packages, packaging and trays made of cardboard for soft fruit, tomatoes, avocado, mango and mushrooms are in great demand. The latest development is cardboard trays for topseal. Rapid processability and saving on plastics are major advantages.

Top seal trays are very suitable for:

  • Tomatoes
  • Strawberries
  • Berries
  • Currants
  • Dried fruits
  • Mushrooms

Choose a custom packaging

A unique packaging can be developed for each vegetable. for example a box, tray or sleeve . All these packagings can be expanded with extra functions, such as handles, easy opening, or a dispenser/dosing function.

Important questions for good packaging

  • How much contents must be in the package
  • Is the filling of the packaging done by hand or by machine
  • What kind of transport is used
  • what conditions affect freshness
  • what is the minimum shelf life
  • Matters related to packaging laws and regulations

Trends in fruit packaging

Creative packaging is becoming increasingly important. The product is brought to the attention by the packaging. Use smart ways to let your packaging interact with the consumer. Creating a traditional and natural look is a hot trend. Wood prints or a basket look aren't just two of the many possibilities that are possible with printing. Conceptual packaging, such as packaging with dosed portions with a subscription, is also becoming increasingly common.

The advantages of Van de Velde Packaging

  • Custom packaging
  • Sustainable cardboard
  • Full color printing
  • A separate packaging for each fruit
  • Fast delivery

More information

Good packaging saves you a lot of worry and helps you save time and money. We believe that every customer deserves its own packagingsolution, adapted to the specific type of fruit or vegetable. If you choose family business Van de Velde Packaging, you can count on 80 years of experience and craftsmanship. We are happy to help you with beautiful sustainable packaging based on fibres. For more info visit us at Fruitlogistica on February 8, 9 and 10, 2023 in Berlin Hall 2.1 | C-40

The full package in packaging

We assist our customers with the development of the whole packaging process. From conception and design, to printing, die-cutting, folding and adhesion. The potential combinations for printing, forms and formats are effectively endless. We look forward to getting around the table with you to map out how your ideal packaging solution must look.

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