Folding board

With folding carton and folding plastic we can offer you a great deal of flexibility. Your wishes are central. At P. Van De Velde we set ourselves apart through custom-made solutions, because your product, wishes, requirements and budget cannot be ‘packaged’ in standard solutions.

We examine your objectives and brand identity thoroughly and ask the right questions. We also try to realise cost savings in your supply chain. It is only by truly understanding your situation that we can offer the smartest packaging solution. This is why we work closely with you. Through this way of working we arrive at the perfect packaging solution.

Folding carton can be fitted with windows, foils and even a form of security. These options provide unparalleled possibilities, in almost every product category, whether it is food or non-food. Do you have to meet the highest norms regarding food safety? Are you looking for distinctive packaging that can increase the visibility of your product? Does your product need extra protection? We can always find a unique and smart solution! We can help you for grammages from 200 grams up to 650 grams.

Wondering what we can do for you? Then please feel free to contact us.

Food packaging

The packaging of a food product must always meet the highest quality requirements. For each food packaging, essential and specific properties apply, whether this concerns protection, convenience, shelf life or freshness. During the development and production great care must be exercised in aspects such as hygiene, food safety and meeting legislation and regulations. What's more, the packaging must have the right look, because a customer often decides to buy in a flash at the very last moment.

P. Van De Velde sets itself apart through its high-quality packaging. We are BRC and ISO certified. To ensure food safety, we use low migration ink. We keep a sharp eye on the correct display of the stated ingredients. Our Graphic Designers quickly and accurately make any changes to the text in the artwork. Thanks to the expertise of our Packaging Designers, the various constructions (developed in-house) can be optimally incorporated in your packaging process. Our specialists provide smart packaging that seamlessly meet all your wishes and requirements.

Non-Food Packaging

The packaging of a non-food product must be perfectly geared towards the product itself and the specific requirements of the sales channel. The packaging presents your product and thereby plays an important role in the positioning and image of your product. The optimal non-food packaging protects your (valuable) product and is a strong mix of functionality, creativity and attractiveness. The look and feel of the packaging can even be a deciding factor in the perception and assessment of your product.

Over and over P. Van De Velde deploys all its expertise, experience and creativity in order to make the perfect non-food packaging of folding carton, folding plastic or a combination of both. We spend a great deal of attention on ease of use and look & feel. With a well-considered construction, we also help you to secure the product and optimise your production process. We ensure for the perfect packaging, from striking and uniquely creative to multifunctional.

Our applications

  • Baking products & breakfast cereals
  • Sweets and chocolate
  • Dry food
  • Fresh food & dairy
  • Beer and drinks
  • Animal food
  • Hygiene products & beauty products
  • Household & garden products
  • Deep freeze products & ice cream
  • Baby food & health
  • Food services & food on the go
  • Aviation sector
  • Car parts