P. Van De Velde group has presses for up to 7 colours. In addition to full colour composition and PMS there is also room for customer-specific colours. Every desired colour is possible; our colour management system ensures that the colours correspond precisely with the approved proof. The printed sheets are dried extremely rapidly (IR and/or UV drying) and processed further. This enables us to realise a high turnover speed. To give the packaging a more striking look, we can add various finishes to the printed sheets. We do printing in both small and large sizes.

Our finishes

  • UV Gloss - highest gloss, can be applied on all types of carton.
  • Gloss Emulsion - product based on water, medium gloss finish.
  • Satin Emulsion - product based on water, creates a soft glossy finish.
  • Matt Emulsion - highly matt finish with no gloss.
  • Soft Touch - Mat finish with 'soft touch' ideal for luxury packaging.
  • Drip Off Matt / Gloss - special finish to achieve fine details.
  • Paerlescent - creates different glossy effects for finish.
  • Low migration inkten - suitable for food packaging.