With this revolutionary packaging we can completely change the packaging landscape! An ecological alternative to plastic packaging without having to compromise on shelf life, quality and attractiveness of your product.

The combipack packaging offers you an ideal alternative to plastic packaging, whereby the plastic can be reduced up to 80%. Our technological innovations allow the consumer to separate the plastic from the carton very easily so that the product can be correctly recycled.

In addition to the ecological benefits that this product offers you, this packaging can also be perfectly personalised. All technologies that P. Van De Velde have in-house can be applied perfectly; the possibilities are endless. The product can be modified optimally to your wishes. The strength of the carton and the plastic as well as the finishing on the inside and outside can be chosen by the customer. What's more, this packaging can also be perfectly sealed, making the it airtight and gas tight, and the packaging can be processed without problem on a tray seal machine.

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Determining your needs

The first step is to determine the qualities that you wish to have in your packaging: the form, size, permeability, protective atmosphere, suitable for microwaves, suitable for storing fresh or frozen products, use of carton derived from sustainably managed forests, use of vegetable inks, etc.

Once we have a good picture of these crucial properties of your packaging, we can proceed to the production.

Designing your carton packaging

The carton is printed and cut according to the requirements of the customer and the chosen form. The form can be printed on the outside and the inside. Printing on the inside is mainly used by our customers as an extra explanation for the end consumer (recycling instructions, trade name, mini games, ...). The carton is then formed into a tray.

Thermoforming of the plastic foil in the carton tray

The plastic foil, chosen in accordance with the requirements of the customer, is placed on top of the carton tray. This is then directly thermoformed in the carton tray, so that it fits in this form perfectly.

Using the packaging in your production line

Our packaging is ready for use. All you have to do now is place your product in our packaging, and then seal it. Our packaging can be adapted to any type of sealing method.

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Our applications

  • Meat, fish & poultry
  • Fruit & vegetables
  • Dairy & cheese
  • Food services & food on the go
  • Ready-made meals
  • Snacks
  • Groceries