Solid board

Solid carton packaging has unique qualities. They are damp-resistant, environmentally friendly, compact and can be supplied with individual and high-quality printing. In this way, we can solve every packaging problem for you!

P. Van De Velde Group offers you a wide range of packaging products. In addition, solid carton packaging forms a sustainable solution for your packaging problems.

Solid carton packaging is ideal for use in damp and cold environments. They offer optimal protection for fresh and frozen foods. What's more, our packaging is an ideal tool for setting your products apart from the competition in a competitive and appealing manner. Our packaging enables you to optimise the stockage costs, distribution speed and packaging efficiency, with consideration for sustainability and quality. Within the solid department we work with grammages from 450 grams to 1000 grams.

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Ideal protection

Solid carton packaging forms the ideal protection for your product. They not only provide sufficient firmness, they also prevent your product being damaged while stored in damp environments, such as fridges and/or freezers. These qualities make our boxes perfect packaging for your fish, meat, vegetable and fruit products, which mostly need to be stored cooled.

Perishable products such as vegetables and fruit, which often have to be transported over long distances, obviously need good protection. Our technology enables us to develop the perfect box suitable for transporting your product all the way to its final destination.

Boxes for fresh and deep freeze products, such as meat and fish, can also be fitted with a damp-proof layer. This gives you a box that insulates perfectly and forms a perfect barrier between your product and its environment.

P. Van De Velde sets itself apart through its high-quality packaging. We are BRC and ISO certified. To ensure food safety, we use low migration ink.


Our boxes can be folded flat and so are very compact, which makes them easy to transport and take up little storage space. This makes it cheaper and easier for you to receive deliveries quickly and efficiently and then to keep a supply in store.

Environmentally-friendly and Sustainable

Solid carton is a sustainable product. It is the ideal material for strong, flexible and reliable packaging. Our products meet the strictest of food safety regulations with plenty of attention for the wishes of our consumers.

What's more, by using our packaging, you support the “cradle to cradle” principle, as our packaging is 100% recyclable and so provides an important contribution to sustainable development.


An important aspect for our consumers is the recognisability of their product or brand. With the latest printing technology we are able to give your product the layout you wish, so that your product clearly stands out. In this way, your packaging also forms a valuable marketing tool.

Our applications

  • Fruit & vegetables
  • Meat, fish & poultry
  • Sweets & chocolate
  • Household & garden product
  • car parts