P. Van De Velde Group

The smartest packaging solution?
P. Van De Velde Group is an international business group that focuses on the production of high-quality products and services within the packaging industry. With our quality and sustainability labels, we position ourselves as an important player in the market. We develop innovative, high-quality solutions for every packaging issue. Packaging solutions that deliver demonstrable added value. We do this with creative, expert staff who have an eye for detail and with state-of-the-art equipment.

P. Van De Velde Group knows everything there is to know about smart packaging through which you can set yourself apart functionally and visually. Sustainable and efficient packaging solutions that make concrete and optimal contributions to your results. We think in terms of possibilities, get to know you well and delve thoroughly into your problem. Together with you we achieve the best packaging, the most efficient packaging process, the lowest costs in the chain and the strongest image for the product.

In our business operations we focus on consumer interests, human rights and social, ethnic and environmental issues. P. Van De Velde Group aims for sustainable development based on three Ps: People - Planet - Profit. P. Van De Velde aims to be a profitable company with concern for the planet and its people. In order to guarantee this, our values are set down in a Code of Conduct, the principles to which all staff have to adhere. What's more, the Code of Conduct forms a guideline for the interaction between P. Van De Velde Group and its business partners, employees and consumers.

For an all-round, good quality and sustainable product offer, we are your ideal partner.


The processing and development of carton and carton packaging of exceptional quality. To offer reliable and professional technical support and advice. Furthermore, to develop as a supplier of carton packaging in a sustainable manner.

As a fourth-generation family business, we wish to be a trusted partner for our customers, aim for high quality, and provide reliable and flexible logistical solutions. To be a trusted partner for our suppliers where mutual respect forms the basis of our relationships. And finally, to be a trusted partner for our employees, where we wish to create a safe and pleasant work environment and develop a relationship in which mutual respect and trust are central.


P. Van De Velde Group wishes to be the reference point for high-quality and top technical solutions in packaging products. Our background and expertise set us apart from our colleagues both in the area of production and of technology. We put our know-how to use to benefit you, our customer.

Vijfde overname in twee jaar

P. Van De Velde neemt het Franse Pack Alim over. Met de vijfde overname in korte tijd gaan we nu ook aan de slag met plastic verpakkingen.

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P. Van De Velde Group investeert in ecologische verpakkingen

P. Van De Velde neemt bedrijf over gespecialiseerd in ecologische verpakkingen voor de voedingsindustrie.

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Bergische Kartonagen Fabrik Fritz Niessen

P. Van De Velde Group versterkt haar positie in Duitse markt door nieuwe overname in Velbert.

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Key info

  • Established in 1939
  • Fourth generation family business
  • 9 sites
  • ISO, FSC® en BRC certified
  • FTE's 550
  • Turnover 2018: 105 M
  • Tonnage: 70.000 tonnes